So yesterday was Butterfly Release Day. We’ve been growing these little guys for about a month now and Q has been anticipating this day with equal parts excitement and dread.

A little backstory:

My mom gave the girls this butterfly garden for Christmas along with a cup of live caterpillars that were no bigger than my thumb nail when they arrived. I made an exception to my “no creepy crawlers indoors” rule and let them set up shop right smack dab in the middle of our living room. I’m not going to lie, I was pretty surprised by how awesome the whole experience was for us all, and how invested we became in these fuzzy little bugs. I even bought Quin a little Nat Geo kids book on butterflies and I swear to you, she read it daily, asking a million questions along the way. We had one little runt ‘pillar who struggled every step of the way and even formed his chrysalis days after the rest of his pals. We were pretty sure he wasn’t going to make it, but a chrysalis he did make, and lo-and-behold, a few days after his pals, out he came as a butterfly with his crumpled little wings.

I wish I could say that I wasn’t nearly as excited about a slimy bug hatching out of it’s cocoon as I was- but I’d be lying. It was pretty cool, ok?

So when the weather was suitable, we took our “flyers” (as Ardyn called them) out to the front yard. Quin took them out one at a time, the more advanced butterflies zipping right out of the tent before we had a chance to handle them. Out they went: Tiana, Mulan, Pocahontas, and Aurora. We thought we were all finished with the release, and I even starting dumping out the leaves and flowers at the bottom of the tent when I uncovered our favorite little runt, Rapunzel hanging out on the bottom. Q lifted Rapunzel out of the tent and they fully bonded for a few fleeting seconds. She rested on Q’s finger and even sat on her nose for a quick moment. Again, I questioned whether or not this straggler was cut out for the real world- but then off ‘Punzel went. Q watched her go and then proceeded to have a full blown melt down. She cried for a long time saying how much she was going to miss her “Princess Butterflies”. Poor Gal.


I’m pretty happy to have a bug-free living room once again…

but I guess it wouldn’t hurt to start planning a springtime butterfly garden. For the girls, of course. 😉


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