Nursery Sneak Peek

  When Ryan and I first met, about 15 years ago (holy crap!) we were attending college in Southern California. I was a fresh "New Jersey transplant" and he was the epitome of a California surfer boy, through-and-through. He wore Rainbow sandals exclusively and surfed in lieu of going to the gym. One would almost [...]


Dear Blog, Thank you for being my BFF and sounding board during these days where too-damn-much is changing and my mama hormones just can't deal. Today, Ardyn's big girl bed was delivered (..although I'm about 98% sure she isn't ready to sleep in it yet, and will be keeping the crib shoved in the corner [...]

Q’s Room

(aka Princess Drama's Lair) Well,  it's been about a year since we've moved into this house, and I finally feel like Q's room is finished. As Ardyn would say in her best pseudo-enthusiastic, monotone voice, "Ta-Daaa!" Ok, let me start by saying that I LOVED Q's bedroom in the old house. There was just something [...]