Max’s First Birthday

“Wild ONE”


Some HOW, Some WAY this tiny newborn of mine turned a full year old. I’m just over here trying to wrap my head around the fact that I’ve known this sweet boy {on the outside} for 365 days. It’s pretty unbelievable- in the fact that I can’t believe how fast it went, but also in the fact that I can hardly remember life without him.

Anyways, all sentimental mommy emotions aside…here is what we did to celebrate our little MAX!

We went with the “Wild ONE” theme because, first of all his name is MAX and this  costume from last Halloween kind of set the whole thing in motion. And secondly- because this kid is pretty much the definition of WILD!image1(1).jpeg

We decided against a big party this year and just celebrated low-key with family. Of course I went over-the-top with decorations, but that’s just to be expected… 😉

Max’s birthday started the same way we start all the kids’ birthdays since Q was born: their “Annual Birthday Balloon Wake-up”! We all piled into the Birthday Boy’s room with a ton of balloons and sang him “Happy Birthday!”

He hated it.

No literally, he cried.


It’s always been a tradition to decorate the mantle for holidays & birthdays. So, of course, Max’s birthday was no exception! I’ll link that cute green “ride-on” bike below with everything else!


We had a normal day and then had all of our family members come over for a casual dinner that night. We ate, drank, open presents, and had cake– simple…like in the olden days. (But with a dining room decorated like the jungle, and goodie bags for the girls, and a million balloons. Ok.  So- NOT simple. But, simpler than a big old party!) 😉


2018-05-02_0011One fun idea I (and by “I”, I mean Pinterest) had was for everyone to write a little note to Max in a copy of “Where the Wild Things Are”. I’ll save it along with the birthday cards he received from anyone who couldn’t be here. 2018-05-02_0009

I decided last minute to give the girls tiny goodie bags. I filled them with fun trinkets like stickers, slime bath bomb (to use in the OUTDOOR water table- NOT in our bathtub), some surprise packs, and a few treats.) I figured it would make the “boring grown up dinner” a little more festive for them….AND keep them occupied for a bit, so that us “boring grown ups” could talk!


Another great idea that just kind of fell into place was the idea of this mini “photo booth”. I still had the piano room set up from Max’s cake smash shoot, so I just took out the high chair, replaced it with a bench and had my family take turns taking pictures there with Max. Turned into a cute idea! I think I’ll print the pics and put them in his “Wild Things” memento book!2018-05-02_0005

(Sidebar: For the animal party hats. I bought plain party hats and the animal ear headbands separately. I then just glued the animal ears to the party hats!! 🙂 )

In lieu of a party, (and also because I like to celebrate my kids’ birthdays for more than one day) we spent the next day at the zoo together. We had so much fun!


And we can’t forget Max’s “cake smash”! I had this sweet little “Wild Thing” cake made by a local bakery called  Fancy Cakes by Lauren and it was perfect…and delicious! (See ya, later snobby old Society Bakery! See HERE for why!) 😉2018-05-02_00202018-05-02_00212018-05-02_00232018-05-02_00222018-05-02_00252018-05-02_00262018-05-02_00272018-05-02_00282018-05-02_00292018-05-02_0030

Honestly, despite the smiles- Max HATED the cake smash. He was angry when his fingers got dirty and he didn’t get even a little bit happy until we gave him a spoon. He “tasted” the frosting once or twice but mostly just enjoyed hammering the cake with the spoon.2018-05-02_0031

And just because before and afters are fun….

Good work, Bud!


And then lastly, I took his final #ayeartotheMax picture. I delayed for a few days because I was NOT ready for these monthly pictures to be over. They were so fun to do and I KNEW how quickly it would all fly by. I may or may not have cried when I took this last one.

Fastest year of my LIFE!!!

But, also…the very BEST year with my little family of five!!!


Happy {WILD} O-N-E, sweet Max-a-roo!! We love you, Moose Man!


“One Wild Year”, “Wild One” and Animal Print Pendant Banners are all from my favorite, FAVORITE go-to spot for all my party banner & felt ball garland needs –Pearl & Jane!!

Max’s “Wild One” Tee | Max’s “Wild Thing” Tee | Max’s adorable “1” crown | Max’s adorable Monthly onesies  | Girls’ Zoo Dresses

Animal Face Plates | Leaf Plates | Striped Plates  | Snake Cups| Party Hats | Animal Ear Headbands | Green Fringe Garland |Small Animal Balloons: Lion , Panda Bear, Monkey, Tiger , Crocodile , Hippo|Flamingo Balloon- Target Dollar spot, similar one HERE | Large Zebra Balloon | Large Crocodile Balloon | Wild One Balloons | Fake Palm & Banana Leaves- Target Dollar spot | Snake Party Blowers | Max’s green “bike” present





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  1. This is SOOOO cute. My little #3 might just have to use every link you posted so I can re-create this. Thanks so much for taking the time to photograph and link everything. Your blog is such a fun place, and your kiddos are so cute. Keep up the good work super mom. You are such an inspirational and positive spark on the internet when I feel like the theme is to complain about motherhood these days.

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