First Foods & A Giveaway

Disclaimer: I want to start by saying that I am fully aware that there are many people/organizations out there who believe breast milk is and should be the only source of nutrition a child needs/receives until 6-12 months of age.  I completely value and respect those opinions. What I’m going to talk about on my little blog here is what has worked best for me and my family, and may not be what works best for you.  Always be sure to check with your pediatrician before introducing any new foods and/or routines to your baby.

It’s kinda of surreal to me that it’s time to give Max his first taste of real food. Mostly because I remember sitting both Quinlin and Cubby in the very same high chair, entire extended family gathered around to have their first spoonfuls.

But Max is supposed to be my newborn…like, forever. How can he be eating solids already? I guess a tiny sliver of me is hoping that by introducing some foods, maybe he’ll be up less throughout the night to nurse. Here’s hoping…


When starting Q on baby foods I just did exactly what my pediatrician advised and introduced rice cereal. This immediately caused constipation issues. So with Cub, I did a bit of research and found this amazing site It has such great advice and ideas…and I particularly love the little charts you can print out. I printed them all and made a little binder. I’ve added tabs and notes for each kid, so it’s really nice to go back and see which foods I gave to the girls, what type of reaction they had, the dates I introduced new things, etc.


When to Start: My pediatrician told me to start introducing food between 4-6 months. I decided to split the difference and start right around five months. Everyone and every baby is different so, of course, do what works for you and what your doctor recommends!  Five months has worked for us in the past and Max seems ready (aka, he tried to swat the pizza slice out of my hand at dinner last night) so we’re going to give it a go!

What to Start With: While pizza may not be the best first food (doctors, phssssh.) I decided for Max, to go the same route I did with Cubby: to skip the cereals and go straight to veggies. I’ve like starting with the veggies first to get my kiddos used to the taste before introducing the yummy sweet fruits. I mean, if someone fed you chocolate cake for a month and then decided to switch you over to strained string beans I think you’d be pretty pissed, too! 😉 Since they are easy, don’t require cooking, and are full of nutrients and fats, I decided to introduce avocados first.

How Much: Again, every baby is going to be different. I think Q hated her first taste of food and hardly ate one spoonful. Cubby, obviously, gobbled hers right up. The very first time you feed, “they” suggest offering just 1/2-1 tablespoon. After they get the hang of the whole eating thing, I usually give the regular dose of breast milk/formula plus 1-3 tablespoons of food 1-2 times a day. Of course, I start slowly and then work up to that amount. I’ve always done breakfast and dinner to start and then added a “lunch” at a  later date! Gotta fill that belly before bedtime! 😉

Feeding Tools: I’ve recently been trying to clear out the older, toxin-filled plastics in our house and replace them with wood, glass, and stainless steel for our dishes, cups, and utensils. I’ve partnered up with the fabulous brand Avanchy for Max’s first foray into foods. I love this brand SO much, not only because the materials are safe and non-toxic but because the bowls and plates come with removable plastic suction cups to keep the dishes in place as you feed. Hellooo, less messes! I love that I can suction the bowl onto Max’s highchair tray, but then remove the suction cup when I’m washing or when the girls are using them.


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“Made from organic bamboo and silicone, they are non-toxic, earth-friendly, BPA, BPS, PVC, Lead, and Phthalate free.”  –

“Go Time!”: I usually give the first taste of a new food in the morning so that I can watch for any potential allergic reactions during the day (as opposed to at dinner time when they are about to go to bed for the night.) I make sure that I always give my kiddos their regular full milk feeding first (breast milk, or bottle); whatever they normally eat, whenever they normally eat it. I want them to get the full nutrients from the milk before potentially filling up on food. (For example, Max breastfeeds at 11:00 so I made sure to nurse him before we gave him a taste of food!) I chopped the avocado up super small and then mashed it with a fork. It still looked pretty thick so I mixed in some breast milk to make it a little more soupy. The next step is to get a teeny tiny bit on the spoon, introduce it slowly and make sure there is a giant plastic barrier between you and your baby…you never know what might happen!! kidding, kidding. And of course, don’t force it. If baby doesn’t seem interested he/she may not be ready. For us, I tried another small taste at dinner time with the same reaction. I’ll try giving him tiny tastes over the next 3-4 days while I wait to introduce the next food: sweet potatoes. It’s important not to force anything so that you don’t develop any sort of negative association with your baby and food/his highchair, etc.


Max’s First Taste: I’m pretty sure the pictures speak for themselves…



Safe to say, he’s not a fan…yet. 😉


Me Being All PC & Stuff: In an effort to present all points of view, here are a few other websites I’ve perused in making my baby-feeding decisions. I don’t necessarily agree with everything on these pages, just thought I’d offer them for those like to read “all sides” before making a decision, like I do. And once more, for good measure: My #1 source of information and advice always comes from my pediatrician and my own mother’s intuition! 😉



While The Wholesome Baby website has all kinds of great info regarding feeding schedules, foods to avoid, allergens, and my favorite: handy printable charts, I want to note- this post is in no way, shape, or form sponsored by The Wholesome Baby. It just happens to be my favorite source that I’ve used for all my children and I wanted to share it with you! While the Avanchy post is sponsored, they are products that I have been using for a while now & sincerely love! I am NOT receiving  commission off any purchases made to Avanchy and this blog post contains zero affiliate links. I just like to be honest with y’all! Happy Feeding. xo -J


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  1. Can I ask what brand high chair you use?? After using the space saver chairs with our 2 yr old twins, we’re looking for an actual high chair for our 4 month old. Love Max’s chair!

    Also, thanks for sharing feeding tips. I’m about to print off the feeding charts!

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