Friday Favorites!

It’s been a while…and I finally have a few hours of “free (plus an infant) time” now that Cub is in school 3 days a week. It’s only 3 hours, but hey- I’ll take it!

Here are some of my current FAVORITE products for ya!

(Links are in the the titles!)

For The Girls


Plain Jane Play Gowns:

My girls are OBSESSED with their gowns and would wear them 24/7 if I’d let them. Plus, Sarah, the owner, is the sweetest person in the universe AND they just launched all new patterns and styles for fall. I left a few for you to buy…but only a few. šŸ˜‰



Hazel Village Dolls:

I’ve had my eye on these forever and recently ordered the girls each their own blonde/brunette doll. Annnnd- ready to have your mind blown? The company collabs with cute clothing brands & makes the cutest MINI clothes so the dolls can match your kiddos. Latest collab?? Plain Jane Play Gowns! I meannnnnnn.




Petunia Pickle Bottom Backpack:

It’s basically the cutest backpack ever. The end.


The Love Bags:

Q needs to bring a lunch AND a snack to school this year. I bought her a big zipper pouch from this brand to use as a lunchbox and these little snack packs for snack time. They are so cute and I love that I’m not flying through ziplocs every week! Plus, I love that I can throw a tiny freezer pack inside & I know it will make it back home again. With plastic baggies it’s a “baby with the bathwater” situation… šŸ˜‰


Pink Chicken:

This brand is killing it with their Fall line. SOOOO many cute dresses for school…I want them all!!





Kickee Pants:

My fav baby jammie brand has replaced their snaps with zippers and guess who is the most excited person on the planet about it? This girl.


Finn + Emma Play gym:

It’s organic, non-toxic, was featured in Vogue, AND my kid loves it. Sold! I can leave this bad boy out in Max’s room and it looks like part of the decor instead of the neon colored plastic eyesore that my girls played with. (Ha! Sorry girls, there are a few perks to being the third child! ;))


For Both


Tubby Todd Bath Products:

Tubby Todd is one of our favorite brands to use on the kiddos. We love the soaps and shampoos and lotions but they JUST came out with conditioner and hair detangler. I know it sounds weird, but lots of the all-natural product lines for kids don’t do conditioners. We’ve been buying conditioner and leave-in spray from other brands, so it’s nice that now we can use one brand for all the kiddos bath needs. Plus, their new Fall limited release is “NYC themed” and is releasing TODAY!!!!! Go, run…


Letterfolk Boards:

Ya’ll know my love for letter boards run deep, and Letterfolk just came out with these sweet new colors. You know I need both! You do, too.





Maileg Dino & Little Unicorn Dino Swaddle

Ok, I recently ordered these for a baby gift and I want to order 10 more for every baby boy I know being born in the next 5 years. The Maileg dino is the softest stuffed animal EVER- so soft I even bought one for Max. It’s like a mini down pillow, for real! Bonus points for it coming packaged in a little cardboard dino egg! Together with the dino swaddle, it’s pretty much the cutest baby gift combo ever. Plus, if it’s a girl gift you are looking for, there are so many other Maileg stuffies that I’m sure would coordinate with the more “girly” swaddle sets!



Jellycat Bat & I Am Bat Book

Such a cute little combo. I recently bought this as a “big brother” gift (you know how new babies get ALLLLL the attention ::cue dramatic sibling eye roll::) but it would also be so cute for all those little Fall birthdays coming up!


For Mama


Ect. Bins:

You all know I went on an organization kick recently and these were my favorite purchase! It’s organized and cute on the outside, hot mess of junk on the inside. Perfecto! I’ll take one for every room, please!


Old Navy Cardi:

I’m pretty much obsessed with this sweater & bought it in both the tan and the grey colors. Its so cute with those little tassels and is light enough to withstand “Texas Fall”, which is pretty much just an extension of summer but with pumpkin everything.


That’s it for now.

Happy Weekend (and shopping) friends! šŸ˜‰


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  1. Hi Jordan, I swear I saw a blog post or intstragram comment from you on baby acne wipes. Does that ring a bell or am I crazy? If the former, would you mind sending me the info. Not a rush, just when you have a minute or two!

    Thanks much!

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